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The Product Installation
Submittals Sanding & Finishing
Delivery, Storage, & Handling Maintenance
Materials Guarantee
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Job Conditions
(Tested by Otto Graf Institute, Stuttgart German)
DIN Standards Testing 18032 Part 2
MaxFle DIN Std.
Shock Absorption 53% 53% minimum
Std Deformation 0.8 mm 2.3 mm
Area Deflection 14% 15%
Ball Bounce 97% 90% minimum

  1. Submit three PyramidTMFloor System BasicFlexTM I Specifications.
  2. Submit one sample of PyramidTMFloor System BasicFlexTMI Systems.
  3. Submit three copies of maintenance data for PyramidTM Sport Finish.

Delivery, Storage, & Handling
Materials shall not be delivered, stored, or installed until all H.V.A.C., masonry, painting, plastering, tile work, marble, and terrazzo work is completed and all overhead mechanical work, lighting, backstops, scoreboards are installed. Ideal storage/installation conditions are the same as those which will prevail when the building is occupied.

  1. Maple Flooring: Unfinished, ž” x not over 2ŧ” x ŧ” x RL 2nd and BTR, T&G, EM, KD, northern hard maple flooring as supplied by Pyramid Sports Floor Systems. Note: thickness, width and grade of flooring material may be altered to suit application.
  2. Sport Floor Cushions: BasicFlexTM Sport Floor Cushions, 3/8” x 2 1/8” x 2 1/4” as supplied by Pyramid Sports Floor Systems.
  3. Plywood: Two layers of Ŋ” exterior grade plywood. BasicFlex sport floor cushion stapled on lower plywood layer 12" o.c. and 6" from perimeter of each sheet.
  4. Sealer: PyramidTMSport Sealer.
  5. Floor Finish:PyramidTM Sport Finish.
  6. Nails:Purpose designed barbed nails for power nailing, 2” long as supplied by Pyramid Sports Floor Systems.
  7. Threshold & Reducer Strip: Milled maple or extruded aluminum of size and profile as required to reduce level of hardwood floor to meet existing surface. Color and finish to match.
  8. Nosing: Rounded maple bullnose. Color and finish to match.
  9. Vapor Barrier: 6 mil. polyethylene.
  10. Vent Cove Base:Vented rubber base as supplied by Pyramid Sports Floor Systems.

No alternatives or deviations from specifications are allowed

Job Conditions
  1. Do not install floor system until concrete is dry and has been cured a minimum of 60 days and the requirements listed above in paragraph 2 are obtained.
  2. Maintain ambient temperature of not less than 50ēF (10ēC), not more than 70ēF (21ēC). from 72 hours before installation to at least 48 hours after completion of work.Maintain 40% relative humidity during the same period.
  3. All finish flooring shall be stored in the building of application a minimum of 14 days before installation under proper and protected ventilation.
  4. After floors are finished, area to be kept locked by general contractor to allow curing time for the finish.

  1. Ensure substrate is dry prior to installation.
  2. Inspect floor for levelness before installation. Tolerance not to exceed ⅛” over 10’. The sub floor must be sound and properly prepared. Report discrepancies to owner/ specifier for rectification.
  3. Install polyethylene with joints lapped a minimum of 4” and seal with sealant or adhesive.
  4. Install padded sleepers end to end across the short dimensions of the room. Stagger joints 24”. Space sleepers 9” o.c. Install springs and clips along length ( not ends ) of floor 24” o.c.
  5. Machine nail maple flooring at right angles to sleepers with end joints properly driven up and proper spacing provided for humidity conditions in the specific region.
  6. Support floor using additional sleepers as necessary under bleachers or under any areas that may be subject to excess weight.

Sanding & Finishing
  1. After installation is complete, sand wood-strip flooring with Hummel Belt Sander, edger and hand scraper. Use coarse, medium, and fine grades of sandpaper to produce a uniform, even and smooth surface. Sandpaper must be continuous from factory and not joined on job-site. Drum sanders may not be used.
  2. After sanding with belt sander, buff entire floor using a 100-grit screen with a heavy duty buffing machine.
  3. After sanding, remove dust and dirt off all floor surfaces. Use an industrial vacuum cleaner.
  4. Apply game lines.
  5. PyramidTM Sport Finish is a water-based finish; therefore, court marking paint must be compatible and should be water-based containing no vinyls or polyvinyls.
  6. Floor to present a smooth surface without stop marks, gouges, streaks, or shiner.
  7. Apply one coat of PyramidTM Sport Sealer.
  8. Buff with brown pads.
  9. Apply one coat of PyramidTM Sport Finish.
  10. Buff with a maroon pad cushioned with a green pad.
  11. Abrade first finish coat using a maroon pad cushioned with a green pad.
  12. Install wear indicators at center jump circle, free throw lines and at all entries.
  13. Apply two additional coats of PyramidTM Sport Finish.
  14. Install vented rubber base.
  15. Clean up all unused materials and debris and remove same from premises.

  1. Upon completion of the floor installation, the owner, attendant or individuals responsible for the maintenance of the building are to follow the guidelines supplied by Pyramid Sports Floor Systems for hardwood flooring maintenance.
  2. Areas of wood floor installation must be adequately ventilated with natural or mechanical air circulation. Temperature and humidity controls must be operational all year and employed as required in the region of installation.

  1. Guarantee shall not cover damage in the whole or in part by casualty, ordinary wear and tear, abuse, use for which materials are not designed, faulty construction of the building, settlement of the building walls, failure of the other contractors to adhere to specifications, separation of the concrete slab and excessive dryness or excessive moisture from humidity, spillage, migration though the slab or wall, or any other source. Abuse, vandalism, neglect, improper installation or maintenance procedures will negate all guarantees.
  2. Pyramid Sports Floor Systems hereby warrants the PyramidTM Floor System BasicFlexTM I material to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and of any other obligations on the part of Pyramid Sports Floor Systems. If any components are not supplied by Pyramid Sports Floor Systems, all warranties are rendered null and void. In the event of breach of any warranty, the liability of Pyramid Sports Floor Systems shall be limited to repairing or replacing PyramidTM Floor System BasicFlexTM I material and system components supplied by Pyramid Sports Floor Systems proven to be defective in manufacture, and shall not include any other damages, either direct or consequential.
  3. A PyramidTM Sports Floor Identification Marker must be installed in a corner of the floor to verify authenticity of flooring system.

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