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Tip-Off® Gym Finish

The Ready-To-Use, Easy-To-Apply, VOC Compliant Wood Gym Finish That Delivers Beautiful Results

When it comes to quality gym finishes, Hillyard is the name more people trust than any other. Hillyard Tip-Off® is the gym finish you can trust to deliver unsurpassed ease of application, fast. With Tip-Off, there's no mixing, no stirring or complicated application. Instead Tip-Off provides a quick, beautiful, water-based solution to wood gym floor care.

Tip-Off is formulated without using polyfunctional aziridine, and it has a VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) value of less than 250 grams per liter. Tip-Off is an excellent choice for facilities where strict air quality regulations are in effect. Plus, Tip-Off dries faster than conventional solvent-based systems. You can recoat with Tip-Off after just four hours. That means you can apply one coat early in the morning, a second coat late the same afternoon, and you are done!

Tip-Off is compatible over a wide variety of conventional solvent-based and water-based coatings, provided these coatings are cured, bonded, and the floor is properly prepared. Tip-Off is classified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.® as to slip resistance, 186S. Plus, it is approved by the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA).

Tip-Off comes conveniently packaged in one and five gallon containers. It is easy to apply using the Hillyard Power-Flo® applicator, Light Weight T-Bar applicator, or a synthetic pad on a wood block. One gallon covers approximately 500-700 square feet, depending on floor conditions. On new or freshly-sanded floors, a total of four coats is recommended. For scrub and recoating, two coats are recommended. Use Hillyard Contender Paints for repairing or applying new game lines. Ask your Hillyard representative about Tip-Off. Just another example of high quality from Hillyard.