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450 Gym Finish

The High-Solids, VOC Compliant Gym Finish

Hillyard 450 Gym Finish is a durable, high-solids, urethane wood gym finish that has been specially formulated to meet the strict VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) requirements established in many parts of the country. The VOC value for 450 Gym Finish is less than 450 grams per liter, making it an excellent choice for facilities where these regulations are in effect.

450 Gym Finish is easy to apply using conventional lambswool applicators, Hillyard Power-Flo®, or weighted T-Bar applicators. It is compatible over a wide variety of conventional solvent based and water based coatings, provided these coatings are cured, bonded, and the floor is properly prepared. There is no mixing necessary...450 Gym Finish comes ready to use. Each gallon covers an average of 500-600 square feet per gallon, and comes conveniently packaged in one and five gallon containers.

Like all quality Hillyard gymnasium finishes, Hillyard's 450 Gym Finish is classified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.® as to slip resistance, 186S. Plus, 450 Gym Finish is approved by the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA), the exclusively recognized source of technical information about hard maple flooring. If you are looking for a durable, VOC compliant wood gym finish, ask your Hillyard representative about the benefits of 450 Gym Finish. Just another leading example of wood gym floor maintenance innovation and high quality from Hillyard.

5 Gallon
450 Gym Finish